My wife and I decided to start Cuba Photo Travel after hearing about the poor experience visitors were having to Cuba, including some of our friends. Cuba is a difficult place to move around if you are not from there. The lack of Internet and GPS also makes it challenging to figure things out on the ground.

I come from a Cuban American family and my wife was born and raised in Cuba. We travel there a couple times a year to visit family. During our vacations we've invited friends to come along. Traveling through the island with us transformed their experience. We realized that we could also help others get to know the real Cuba. How would you like to travel Cuba like a local?  

We decided to focus on photography because it is a hobby of mine and we have noticed it is particularly hard for traveling photographers to "scratch the surface" of Cuba. As you will see from some of the photos on our website, there are countless opportunities to capture the cars and weathered buildings. There are also gorgeous landscapes and quirky wildlife. Many of these photographic options haven't been fully explored yet. 

We partnered with local Cuban photographers who will be your guides and crafted an itinerary that meet all the legal requirements by the US government. This is a trip designed by photographers for photographers.

We hope to show you the Cuba we know - the genuine people, the incredible food, the innovation, the music and the bountiful photographic opportunities. Join us and you will have a Cuban experience you will never forget and the photos to prove it.

Jason & Laura